Convert Russian version to English

A friend has just bought Dorico, but has received a Russian version. Can he convert it to English or Dutch? Thank you.

He should be able to download the English software, and use the licence code for that.?

You can change the operating language of Dorico in Preferences>General>Language (it’s a drop-down menu, the top-left one in a set of 4 at the top of the General page, which is the top page in the dialog - for those navigating Dorico in a foreign language :wink: ).

Lillie, it appears that “General” is not the first page in the dialog if you’re running Dorico in Russian. It’s the bottom one.
“английский” (English) is at the top of the dropdown menu, though :wink:

Exposed! I didn’t test before typing… of course, the categories are dynamically alphabetical. (Although, my go-to language for checking Dorico in another language is usually German, and “Allgemein” is also at the top of the list…)

Thank you very much, I am Kerry’s friend and you have been very helpful. Just one thing now.
All my documents are saved in Russian filenames. How can I change those?/Users/JanGerrit/Desktop/Schermafbeelding 2020-09-10 om 19.01.46.png

If that’s a screenshot file, it sounds like you’ve set your MacOS language to Russian in System Preferences > Languages & Region.

Sidenote: in Russian, Я is at the end of the alphabet. Why is Японский in the middle of the menu? I admit it’s not the most important bug ever…

In the current version of Dorico, alphabetic sorting does not correctly take into account non-Latin alphabets. This is something we expect to address in a future version.