Convert Stereo TRACK to Mono


I accidentally recorded Mono wave in a Stereo Track
and made lots of editing in different versions using the Track Versions.

Now I’d like to fix that Mono/Stereo mistake without losing all that Track Versions.
I.e. convert the TRACK (NOT the audio) from Stereo to mono.

Can’t be done?!?

Yea…it can’t really be done.

You have to work around it…if you have issues with a plug making it stereo and you don’t want that, you can route to a mono group…not sure what other reason you would have for needing it mono.

Some Cubasers actually use stereo tracks for everything so they can easily add stereo output effects to mono audio.

Steinberg really have to improve Cubase routing engine, catch up with their competitors…

It’s more the other way around, although I wouldn’t mind a stereo/mono switch.

Yes, please!!!