Convert sustain CC to held notes?

Hi folks,

I have the following problem:

I own a Behringer Poly D synth which doesn’t react to sustain pedal midi messages (CC64 i believe).

Now i have to admit it’s not entirely clear to my what the difference is (midi-wise) between these two actions:

#1 just holding my key down on my controller keyboard

#2 holding it down, then pressing the sustain pedal (and holding it), and then releasing my key, which will continue sustaining because of the held pedal

Because the end result is exactly the same, in terms of sound.

However under the hood it’s apparently not the same thing, because the Poly D won’t hold the note when doing action #2.

So i guess my question is: is there a tool in Cubase (perhaps the transformer?) that will let me convert that sustain message to a held key message, so i can trick the Poly D to reacting to my sustain pedal?

Hmmmm, clear as mud, i’m sure!

Thanks, hopefully, in advance!

MIDI → Functions → Pedals to note lengths

It’s offline though, I’m afraid you’re looking for a live thing and there probably isn’t one.


It totally depends on the synthesizer what it will do with CC#64 and if there is an audible difference betwwen these two. Has nothing to do with Cubase.

I can’t agree, read again what i’m asking, Friede gave an offline solution, so a realtime solution must also be possible.

In fact i already got it working in Ableton using an M4L device, but i don’t like using Ableton, hence my question.

Cheers, offline won’t do it for me, but interesting to know anywho!

I would be interested to know in detail how this is done in Ableton, please.

This is what is being sent when you press the C4 key on your synth:

90 3C 0F - these are all hexadecimal values.
90 is the indicator that this is a Note On event, sent to MIDI channel 1.
3C is the pitch information, in this case C4,
0F is the velocity value.

Depending on your keyboard there are two possibilites what is send when you release the key.
Either 90 3C 00 (Note On with velocity 00)
or 80 3C 00 (Note Off).

This is what is sent when you press the sustain pedal:
B0 40 7F
B0 - indicates that this a Continuous Controller message for MIDI channel 1
40 - Controller number 64
7F - the actual value that is transmitted, in this case 127 (but depends on the manufacturer of the pedal)

As you can see the pedal does not tell your synth anything about the pitch. Your synth would not know exactly which note to sustain (or in case you release the pedal not to sustain any longer). It works for all notes at the same time.

Are you only playing one note at a time? In this case you might not notice a difference.

If your keyboard sends a Note Off message when releasing a key there is no way that I know of in Cubase to filter this out. If your keyboard sends Note On with Velocity 00 you could setup a track filter to remove these events from being put through.