Convert To Real Copy

I have Cubase 12 Pro
I want to convert a copy to a real copy but when I right click it’s greyed out.
Any help please.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Do you mean, “convert a shared copy to a real copy”, and is this MIDI or audio?

Ive attached a screen shot. I played the bass for 4 bars and then copied the rest

‘Convert to Real Copy’ is for after you create a Shared Copy. Not sure what your screenshot is supposed to be showing.

The track highlighted in your screenshot is an automation track (in this case Volume).

If you want to create audio which has this automation applied to it, then you could make a selection of the audio events and use something like “Render in Place”, or render the entire track and re-import it.

“Convert to Real Copy” is for an entirely different purpose.

It was to change the high lighted part to a real copy.
Nothing to do with the high lighted track.
As it is, if I edit a part they all get edited not just the one
I did the screen shot as requested.

I think there’s some jargon confusion going on here.

The item which is selected in your screenshot is an Audio Event not a Part

Real and Shared Copies only apply to MIDI Parts not Audio and not Events

So nobody is really sure what you mean by “Real Copy” in relation to an Audio Event. Perhaps if you describe what you are trying to achieve we can sort it out.

hmm, it works over here as expected. (I’m on Nuendo 12, but should be the same in Cubase 12 pro). Copied audio-events always are shared copies, so as you experienced, audio-editing one of them effects all copies. So converting to a real copy is the way to go, if you only want one event effected. I can’t figure from your screenshot why it doesn’t work in your setting. But you could use bounce selection instead.


There is a preferences, how should Cubase/Nuendo behave in case of offline process and multiple events sharing the same file. You can apply it to all events or create a new file and apply to this one only. The default setup is to ask the user anytime you apply the process.

Is this what you are searching for?

Hi Martin,
Ill check in preferences as you say.