Convert Track -> Rack

Noob using C7 for a few months now I have many older projects that use track vi’s that 'd need to be converted to rack ones.

Is this possible, similar technique / function maybe?


Why would that be necessary? They should just load up. Have you tried?

They all load up fine but each displays & behaves differently from each other using inspector in the project window, correct?
(i.e. vol midi parameter in rack inspector are located first, using instruments the vol controls for the audio fader is first instead, the midi vol control isn’t there)

Also the automation tracks shows up differently; instruments underneath the midi track while the automation for rack vi’s show up in vst area along with the other rack instruments.

Also I can’t get instruments to move in the mixer but with racks I can drag them in the project window & it automatically corresponds in the mixer.

At least that’s how I’ve been doing it.

So there’s no way to change or move an instrument into a rack ?

No, they can’t be converted one to the other.

I’m not sure I understand now. Aren’t you trying to open a pre-7.5 file that has Instrument Tracks?

The projects were done in 7.0 & there’s no problems opening any of them in 7.5…
I just want to change instrument to racks so they all my vi’s function & display the same way.

Also is there a way to add instances of multiple racks instead of one at a time?

I just want to change instrument to racks so they all my vi’s function & display the same way.

Same way as what? Eachother? Old instrument tracks? The inspector for track and rack instruments looks the same as far as that goes.

Track instruments are now basically Rack instruments that include a midi/audio track in the project window.

I want them to both appear the same in the inspector so I can easily select track by track without it changing.

Maybe I don’t have it set correctly but the inspector (with Instrument check-marked for each ) using a rack the top has the midi volume slider, pan & offset, when using an instrument I get the audio fader volume, pan & offset.
How do I get them to appear the same way is maybe a better question?
(For an Instrument I want the midi slider shown, not the audio)

Well, the midi fader only appears in Midi tracks, not Instrument tracks. So if you had those in the earlier projects they would still be there.

You said

Which I understood as: I have Instrument Tracks that’d need to be converted to rack ones. That’s what I’m stuck on.

But it sounds like you want to have midi faders on all your tracks, so: use midi channels routed to either Instrument Tracks or Rack Instruments.

They’re both midi tracks- how do I get the instrument channel to appear the same with midi vol slider on top instead of the audio fader?

Here’s 2 pics-
-the instrument midi track with inspector showing the audio fader volume…
-the rack midi track with inspector showing the midi slider (as I want to appear on the instrument midi track)

Is it something I don’t have selected?

Those are not both midi tracks.

inspector_instrument.png shows an Instrument Track, which will never have a midi fader. (and is a hybrid of midi and audio)
inspector_rack.png shows a Midi Track. (A midi track can be routed to the VST Rack, an external device or an Instrument Track)

New to 7.5 is the possibility to route Midi Tracks to Instrument Tracks, also, Instrument Tracks now appear in the VST Rack.

You can add midi tracks and route them to that instrument track, that’s how you will get a midi fader on that track.

Also, and I mean no disrespect, It might be profitable for you to read through the Track Instruments section in “New Features in Cubase 7.5” doc that was included in the install. That’s the best source for this info.

Maybe I am way off your question here, and if so, I do apologize, soul patch.

Instrument Tracks and MIDI Tracks are not the same thing. Even though they both deal with MIDI, they are fundamentally two different things (hence the two types of tracks). An Instrument Track is tightly coupled with its VSTi whereas the MIDI Track is only loosely coupled and do not know what it is routing to (could be a VSTi in Rack or to a MIDI Port for an external device). This disconnect is probably the reason why it is the MIDI Volume versus the Audio Volume. I think the reasoning is that the Instrument Track is so integrated with audio that MIDI volume is really secondary to audio volume.

Not the answer you were seeking, and maybe I misunderstood your question, but there it is. :slight_smile:

And oops, Steve beat me too it!!

Thanks to you both.
Yes, I do need to get into the manual more. Thought it would be do-able just to covert one to the other & be done with it.

No problem, mate.

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