Convert two mono WAV files to single stereo Cubase track

What is the best way to create a stereo audio track in Cubase, and import two mono WAV files to that track, one to each of the LR channels? Thanks!


You cannot import two files and play them simultaneously in one track.

You can make 2 Mono Audio tracks, and move them to one folder. If you need to cut both of the tracks, you can cut the Folder track. For the routing, you can route them to the Stereo Group, and Insert effects to that Group Channel.

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I kmow it’s slightly convoluted, but import them onto two mono tracks, do a file export but tick the box to import it back into the project. Maybe?

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Import them on 2 mono tracks, select the tracks (not any parts) and do a render in place to a new track. You might want to adjust the Render In Place settings first. I have RIP assigned to “y” and the RIP settings to shift “y” ( the “y” key is not used by Cubase)
Easy and fast.

Thanks all. Render in place to a new track will be the best option, as I really want to get a single stereo track - but a shame you can’t just import two mono tracks in to a stereo track - would be a useful feature!


To import 2 mono files to one stereo track sounds simple, but… Then you would have to define, which file (event) is routed to which Channel (left or right). And imagine this in any higher configuration, like import 24 mono audio files to the 22.2 track (Nuendo only).