Converting a mono to stereo track?

Hello guys,
I’m searching in the manual how to convert a mono track to stereo but no luck. Will keep looking. But if anyone can help me out, much appreciated.
Thank you.

You can put a mono file onto a stereo track if that’s what you’re looking for.

If we talk about the configuration, which you set when you create the audio track: Unfortunately, this cannot be changed later. You will have to create a new audio track with the matching configuration.

Hi, just put the mono audio on a stereo track or route the mono track to a stereo group and then use any “mono to stereo” plugin / delay / reverb or whatever effect you like on the stereo track/group to make your mono audio sound stereo. Hope that helps.

FWIW - changing track types has been on the feature wish (dream?) list for years.


Now we have answered this ambiguous question in every respect. Only the questioner says nothing more and enlightens us, what he meant with his question. :rofl:

Or that there are no more track types at all. That you can insert any material on any track in any channel configuration. (I’m still allowed to dream.)

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that would be interesting - but I’m not sure how that would work with plugins ? how would it know how many channels to process ?

I think being able to select track the track type fixes all these problems ?

I leave that to the programmers. :wink:
Didn’t I read once that REAPER doesn’t know any track types? Midi, audio, video… everything goes on the same track. (However, I don’t know if and how that is with surround files.)
In Sequoia it works quite differently than in Nuendo: there are only stereo tracks. Surround is then organized via the busses/master and folder tracks. A completely different principle, but sometimes it makes modifications easier. (Also because Sequioa is consistently object-based.)

I was more interested in not having to specify it when creating the track.
Somewhere you will surely have to define all this. I will give it some thought. Maybe I’ll come up with something. :grinning:

Yep, and what’s interesting is that you can have any type event on the same track AT THE SAME TIME. You can have a midi event and right next to it an audio clip. Pretty cool stuff

While I absolutely agree that Nuendo needs more flexibility in track handling (especially regarding the number of channels), I still struggle to see a use case for that Reaper-feature mentioned above … :sunglasses: