converting a reaper project into cubase possible?

hi my bands recorded in reaper (latest version) on pc, and i will edit it on my own pc in cubase (again latest version). no OMF stuff going on in reaper by the looks of it im looking for a free way of doing this.

it is 1 midi drum file and several tracks of audio files un-edited per project- no vsts/automation etc, so should be easy. id prefer to find a way of literally just dragging it in from reaper to cb rather than exporting each track from reaper as that means i need to edit it all in reaper and id prefer to edit in cb…

what options, if any, do i have? thanks

The easy way is to bounce the tracks in reaper to have the same start time and length.
Then it’s just to import every audio file and moving them to the same start position.
Or you could rewire Reaper into Cubase.

Here’s a couple of options…

If your audio files are in Broadcast Wav format then it’s likely that they each contain a timestamp for where they start in the project, so you could just drag them into Cubase, each on separate tracks and ‘move to origin’ for them all. If they’ve not got timestamps, then there’s a couple of techniques I use. Firstly you could render them to new wav files which all start at the same place, then they’re easy to line up when you get them into Cubase. Secondly you could name the files with their start time in samples but then you’d have to spend the time to do this and extract it in Cubase to spot the audio in the right place - time consuming but it works!

For the midi, you’d have to export/import as a midi file. Or maybe you can connect the two together and just play/record??


ok yeah thought so, frustrating but viable options. thankyou for the replies appreciated

I recall that someone had made such a tool… I found this after searching:


I remember that program being like $700. I wonder what went wrong?..

Nothing went wrong, I think you are thinking of ProConvert.

AATranslator has 2 versions ($59 & $199) and for the OP’s situation he only needs the $59 version

Thanks for the info. I assume it would work backwards, from C to R as well. Am I right?

Correct. Export a ‘selected track archive’ and convert to Reaper using the $59usd version.
Midi and effects are not converted.