Converting a Simple meter to compound meter

I’m working on this education sheet. For this purpose, I also would like to create in another flow the same exercise, but instead of in 4/4 (or 2/2), to have it 6/4. I have tried to change the meter, but the conversion isn’t right.

Is it any way to do it automatically?

Thank you so much in advance,
example (447 KB)

What is your beat supposed to be in 6/4? A dotted quarter (which would suggest 12/8 rather than 6/4)?

A fairly quick way would be something like:

1 - Select insert mode
2 - Add a rhythm dot to all the notes that are NOT triplets. (It may be easier to work from the end backwards, so you are not editing the messed-up notation as you work.)
3 - Delete all the triplet brackets.
4 - Change the time signature to 6/4.