Converting .All to .cpr on M1 mac

Hi all I’m wanting to convert some old .ALL songs to .cpr. Followed the instructions on Steinberg and downloaded SE 3 but it won’t open with the installer.
I’m running an M1 mac studio.
Has anyone else had this problem or can advise please?


Cubase SE 3 was a 32-bit application. There is no chance to start such an old application on M1. Sorry.

Of course makes sense.
I actually have an old windows laptop somewhere.
Thanks as always Martin.

are you using windows xp on the old pc laptop? and do you need a usb key for sx3?

I still have my dongle so hoping that still works. It has 11 pro on it. I’ve been told I’ll need XP not sure if that’s true.

That should allow you to run Cubase SX3 but you’ll need to run it on Intel x86 hardware, so for example any old laptop with XP, Windows 7, 8 or even 10, if you run the installer in compatibility mode.

Thanks guys.
I’ll have a go a report back.