Converting Chord Events to MIDI

Dear forum,

just trying out the function “Chords to Midi”, under Project → Chord Track.
It seems I’m not able to get it work.
Accordingly to the manual, a new midi should get created as result, but I don’t see that for some reason, nor any sort of “render” anywhere in the project.

If I select chord events and drag them unto an instrument track, all works as expected.
Similar experience or am I missing anything?

Thanks! :smiley:

The only thing I can think of is you don’t have a destination Track Selected

What precisely fails? Step by step please.

After rereading the OP I see @dream is expecting a new Track to be created. But that’s not how it works - the chords get created on a Selected Track.

However the manual does incorrectly say that a Track gets created with the Chords. Kinda looks like something that should have been edited out but got missed. The instructions do tell you to create a MIDI or Instrument Track prior to creating the Chords. But it doesn’t say to Select one of them. Seems like a documentation problem.


Thanks everybody for helping. :slight_smile:
Correct @raino: I was expecting the function to create a midi part as suggested by the manual, while, as you explained, I just needed to select a midi track first.

Works great that way! Thank you!