Converting different sample rate to current project rate

Ive never needed to do this here, BUT, I was asked by someone today how do you do it when you have a current project with all the tracks recorded at 44.1 then you get vocal files from a second client that are 48Khz?

Do you import and convert the 48 to 44.1? Do you do it in the pool somehow?

Whats the best way to do this without artifacts? I dont want the pitch changing or the tempo if you will. Simply need to convert the 48khz files to the current project setting of 44.1.


You can use r8brain to resample the file without quality loss.

Just import the files, Cubase should pop up a requester asking you if you want to convert. It’s pretty self explanatory.

Obviously its NOT as he is having issues with this like the track being pitch shifted down and octave and other weird things. I think the same thing, should be pretty simple.

Id like to see a video of the process for this somewhere.

ANyhoo, thanks for the response, much appreciated

THank you kind sir :sunglasses:

Could be he has at one time clicked on the Do Not Show Again thingy, and selected do nothing. Then it would just import them and the problems you describe would indeed come up. Sorry not in front of the computer right now.
He would have to edit the default.xml or trash the prefs. Or do a safe start import the files and revert to the original settings.