Converting Guitar to MIDI gives me single notes

Hey All,
I’m trying to convert a guitar track to MIDI so I see get the chords that are played, in the Key Editor’s Chord Type.

I select the guitar track, go into the Sample Editor, click VariAudio, then Pitch & Warp, then Extract MIDI. What I get is a MIDI track with all single notes not lined up (see attached screen snip). Am I wrong in thinking that a guitar chord would generate multiple notes lined up together?

Segments did the same thing.

Thanks in advance,
Guitar to MIDI.JPG

Hello Bob,

VariAudio only works with monophonic (single note) files. If you want to see all the notes in a chord, you’ll have to use/ buy Melodyne.

Which has a 30 day (if I recall right) free trial that is unrestricted, i.e. it behaves exactly like the paid version during the trial.

Yes, try it and you’ll want it. It has opened new ways of producing/composing for me. :slight_smile:

I think it is a really smart marketing move. So many trials have some sort of restriction, like not being able to save results etc. It really doesn’t hurt them if someone makes a track or two using the trial version. That person is likely going to want to buy it after trying. If they just wanted to use it for free they were never going to buy it anyway - so no lost sale. And if the only reason someone doesn’t buy it after the trial is cost, it probably ends up on their wishlist for a future purchase. The other smart thing is you can buy a limited version and then upgrade to a better version for the same cost as initially buying the better version. Let’s folks get into the game & then buy additional features as needed without penalty.

You could also try the completely polyphonic MIDI guitar plugin, works great!

2nd for the jam origin plugin - I think it’s better than my GR55 at tracking.

+1 for both of the above. I have found that it works great for chords. However, less well for fast picked single not runs.

Thanks all for your replies. I tried Jam Origin and Celemony. They are both polyphonic, but give different results in the generated MIDI files. Need to figure out which is correct. Jam Origin is less expensive. Looks like Melodyne 4 assistant for $249 would work for MIDI extract.

I also tried Chordata, which is free. Shows the chords, might be the best actually.

I’ll update once I’ve done more research.