Converting midi-song to audio & production process.

I dare say that my first posting does not strictly qualify as a “new topic”, but the fact that I have not found a ready-made collection of advices, could also denote something else: namely, that any forum user needing help to execute this process, must either be ‘dim-witted’ or obtuse, or possibly have spent the last 15-20 years in absentia, having been abducted by aliens before DAW technology replaced the TEAC portastudio and advanced to its current state. I fall into both camps, if truth be told: or at least, in finding myself being faced with and trying to comprehend the tasks and process of music making that was formerly the sole province of studio engineers and producers, but is now considered 'basic, essential and frankly, everyday knowledge that any self-respecting musician, would just… never have to think twice about!"
So, it is with humility, as well as shame, that my poverty of knowledge concerning the production of music (not the performing of it), brings me to the Forum, in need of a patient, understanding and hopefully, non-judgemental soul, who can ‘talk me’ through the process/stages and technical accomplishment of a completed song/tune, to be heard by people for whom Cubase, the DAW, quantisification (if such a term exists) and all the other splendours of behind-the-curtains music production, is inconsequential - “just play it. I’m not that concerned with the number of hours and challenges you overcame in finishing it, sorry”
If this is helpful, I am using a current generation Mac mini (with 16GB RAM), MOTU Audio Express AI, for the most part, a Yamaha MotifXF8, but sometimes a MOX8 to prevent feelings of rejection, and either KRK Rokit5 or Yamaha HS5 studio monitors in an unremarkable, unadapted, averagely sized main bedroom in the UK. Headphones used are KRK KNS-8400 or Scarlett Studio HP60s, if that has any bearing on anything.
My first complete ‘project’ (as it has become), is a midi-recording of a shortish, self-penned jazz tune, featuring acoustic bass, tenor and alto saxophones and a ‘natural C6’ piano voice, all generated by the Motif and synced into Cubase 7.5 using the XF Editor. That is all I can usefully say on the subject: other than, alien abduction wasn’t, I admit, the primary cause of my long absence from music-making. Sorry, if this served to heighten anyone’s interest in my plight.

Thank you for reading and any advice tendered.
‘DrButtonneer14’ (a man out of time).

Those Teac glazed memories you have, will surely be re incarnated once the digital scrummage, that you currently have in front of you, has dispersed.

Hello DrButtoneer14 , and welcome to the forum.
Hopefully we’ll get you ‘up to speed’ :wink: