Converting MIDI to accurate Tablature

My goal is arrange my guitar parts in MIDI and then to produce tablature from them. The main issue I am having is where the score tablature function places the notes compared to where I think they are supposed to be.

For instance.
On the guitar I want to play an Em first inversion. In this case its a B on the 6th string at fret 7, an E on the 5th string at fret 7, and a G the 4th string at fret 5.

In MIDI I create a chord of B1, E2, G2
The tablature produced is:
I want it to look like this:
I can go through and manually edit it and move the notes to the correct string, which is what I did to produce the example above. However, that’s just not practical as there are over 350 bars in the piece of music I am working on. In addition as I make changes to the MIDI I want the tabs to reflect that without having to manually update the tab.

Is there some configuration that will make this produce the tablature I intend?
Am I putting the MIDI notes in wrong octave? I tried some variations but nothing produced what I expected.
Is there an automated way to just move the notes to the correct strings in a bulk fashion?
Anything else I might be missing here?

If you switch on MIDI channels in the Score Settings Tablature dialog, yo will be able to control which string the number appears on. You can then use the Logical Editor Context Variables to select notes and change their channels to put them on he correct strings.

I don’t use tablature, so there might be more/better ways…