Converting Midi to Audio

How do I convert my midi files to audio so I can keep my stereo format? I have 2 inputs on my interface for my keyboard that I recorded from. I now want to add my vocals. Thanks!

Another problem I’m facing is when I mix down a project using the midi sounds off of my Juno Di it does not work. Any ideas?

It’s not very clear what you’re trying to do, but if you’re controlling your Juno from Cubasis, you’ll need to create an audio track and record it into Cubasis as audio, otherwise it won’t exist within Cubasis… then you can mixdown.

If I set up my juno di with 16 midi tracks and Cubasis records my tracks as midi and plays back perfectly, then I should be able to convert the midi to audio so I can render with effects. At this point when I mix down it makes this fast musical noise and then the mix down is silent when i touch the playback button. Weird. When I mix down midi from the sounds in Cubasis (terrible sounds) they do mix down correctly. Why?? If I have to record from my Juno as audio then midi is useless to me. The Juno is not a work station.

It sounds like you’re using Cubasis to record MIDI it receives from your Juno. It’s a workflow problem, not really a Cubasis one, it would happen with any DAW.

You’re sending MIDI to Cubasis. MIDI is note information only, it doesn’t carry any audio, that’s why you can’t freeze it, there’s no audio in there to freeze!

It sounds like you’re using a bunch of different tracks from the Juno, so what you must do is create an audio track for each MIDI track (if you want to keep them independent), and then record all the tracks as audio into Cubasis, because at the moment you have no audio at all in Cubasis, just note information.

You can keep the MIDI tracks as a backup (just mute them), in case you want to make adjustments later on.

If you were only using one track out of the Juno, you could set it up so it’s still live, without recording the audio.
You can have a MIDI track sequencing your Juno, and then an audio track receiving the audio back from the Juno, then you could apply effects to that track, without the need for recording as audio, until you’re done with it.

Thanks Bry! You are exactly right, work flow error or dummy error on my part. I actually figured out when I woke up this morning. It totally makes sense now. Thanks again for the clarification!