converting midi track to audio track

Hello all, I’m new to this forum and it is my 1st post.I just recorded a midi piano track to add to my existing audio tracks.Now I would like to convert it to an audio track for mixdown.I can’t find the procedure here or in the manuals.I know it has something to do with a group track and sends but I don’t know the proper steps to take.Any step by step help is appreciated.Thanks

What do you use to play the midi track? Vsti, external?

If vsti you should just be able to do an export without converting to audio.

or just solo the midi/vsti and export with import back into project activated.

Thanks for your reply.I recorded the track to cubase 4 as a midi track with an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 controller.I need the midi track as an audio track in cubase 4 to do more editing before mixdown.

assign the midi track to a vsti like Halion

hello, I can hear the midi track ok.It is assigned to a vst piano plugin called jazzbaby, but it is still a midi file.I need it as an audio file (wave file).I have to somehow send the sound output of the midi file back to cubase 4 and have it record as an audio track as it is being played back.It is a new upgrade feature that cubase 4 added that the previous versions could not do.It can also be done on the fly recording as well.When using a midi controller to record to a midi track it will re-route the sound of the vst plugin to record to an audio track as it is being played back.It was shown to me by a friend salesman at the music store.I wrote it down but can’t find it and have forgotten the steps to the procedure.It has something to do with setting up a group track and taking the bus from the midi track and routing it through the group track to an audio track that is set to record.When I figure it out I’ll let you know what I’ve done.It is probabley somewhere in the manual but there are so many sub-titles of what it possibly could be.I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

Export Audio Mixdown or route the VSTi channel to a group and the group to an audio track and record it.

Thanks for your reply mashedmitten.That’s exactly what I was asking.I didn’t know the proper steps to do that but I gave it a try.I created a group channel and an audio track.Then I took the output of the Midi track to the input of the group channel and the output of the group channel to the input of the audio track and wella it did what I wanted.So now I have an audio version of my midi track.
Thanks to all.

For future reference, this was discussed here
Also in the same thread follow Split’s link and check out “Rendering VST Instrument Tracks” and “Internal Summing” videos
the latter was Cubase 4’s major gift (along with sidechaining)

thanks for the info manakesna.I’ll check it out.