Converting midi tracks to audio - mono or stereo

I am just getting starting on learning to use Cubase on a MacBook Pro to create my own recordings. I have a set of backings that I like based on midi files that I now want to convert to audio tracks and add my own vocals and guitar tracks.

I am using soft synths such as Halion, Dimension Pro and Komplete for the instruments.

When I export the tracks as audio files should I be doing so as stereo or mono? What is best in terms of the mixing and mastering workflow to follow?

Any other relevant tips for a beginner at this stage would be much appreciated.


Depends on if the sounds are mono or stereo, and on if you think you need the sound in stereo or in mono…

Some of the synth sounds are stereo. I definitely want the final mix to be stereo and therefore want to be able to place each track in a specific place in the left to right spectrum. Being such a beginner I hope this response makes sense.


Both mono and stereofiles can be placed anywhere in the panorama when using them in a project, as long as you export your final track in stereo.
If the synths you use have stereo output I suggest you just export in stereo. Summing to mono can have unexpected results related to phase differences between the 2 signals.

It’s really a matter of preference though, if you’re short on diskspace mono might be better.

Thank you so much for your prompt guidance. I will go ahead and start working. Disk space isn’t an issue so I’ll use the stereo option. Thanks again for your help.