Converting MIDI tracks to audio tracks--question

Okay, I can do this by making a mixdown of each track individually and re-importing them as audio, but I thought there might be a better way (that avoids the intermediate file creation of the above method). I did some searching, and it seemed a good method is to isolate the MIDI track, set up a blank audio track, and record one into the other.

Fair enough, except for one catch: in the instructions I’m supposed to route the MIDI output into the audio track’s input. Problem is, when I select the input for the audio track (which defaults to Stereo In), I get no other possible choice but No Bus. It’s clearly not set up correctly by default because a test recording came out blank.

So, how am I supposed to hook up the input of the audio track when the hookup menu doesn’t give me any options to connect to?

Thanks in advance!

Assuming your busses are set up correctly, you don’t have to do any routing from within the project window. Just solo the MIDI track you wish to record and enable record on the destination audio track.

You route the VST Instrument track associated with the MIDI track to a group or dummy output and select the group or dummy out as the input of an audio track and record. If multiple VSTi’s at once then you need a seperate group/ DO and audio track for each.

Thanks, guys. I pledge to follow up on the advice with some more RTFM in the corresponding area. Sometimes I get info overload, a well-placed hint or three helps re-focus quite a bit.

Thanks again!

Not a problem! Just to clarify, were you speaking of an external MIDI device or a VSTi whose audio you wanted to record? At any rate, you got the solution to both :smiley: