Converting Nuendo project from 25fps to 24fps.Tips

Actually it works with any video speeds. May be it is very known way to convert project to another frame rate but anyway I decide to share it with someone who don’t :slight_smile: .
We had film shooting and following video edits in 25fps but final picture should be in 24fps (for DCP). So the problem was that at the beginning we should work with 25fps project and when final cut was done we had to move to 24fps video.
We wanted to preserve all our edits in Nuendo project so we cannot bounced all tracks and then time stretch it.
And we found easy way to feet 25fps to 24fps. First all clips should be selected and time stretched with desired algorithm. Then add Tempo Track. Toggle all tracks to Musical mode, load video 25fps and 24fps as well. Then we change temp on Tempo Track from picture start (usually it is 1:00:00:00) till end of video or futher. In Process Tempo window in a Process Range we set range of the 25fps video (from 1:00:00:00) and in New Range we set range of the 24fps video (also from 1:00:00:00). Click process. That is all. If you have only one video you can look about Tempo Scaling in left down conner of Process Tempo window. In our case it was 1,0096. Hope it will helps someone.

Héhé … very smart.