Converting old songs

Converting old .arr or .all songs to newer Cubase versions (from 5.0 on? I have 10.0) will according to steinberg work best via Cubase SE3.
I don’t have that one on my eLicenser, but hoped I could fool Cubase as I have a official new version…
However, ‘computer says NO’ because I run a newer version of Cubase on my PC…
Any idea’s anyone, how to get this working…?

I have some really old songs, that I would like to export ‘midi only’ and leave the audio.

Cheers, Charley

You need a USB eLicenser with a relatively recent Cubase license, which will allow you to run all previous versions. Do you have a USB eLicenser, and if so, what’s the exact version and edition of the Cubase license on it?

Great, thanks! Had the same problem, your solution worked.

… also, if you do need to install one of the older Cubase versions as described here, make sure to subsequently download and install the latest eLicenser software for your computer from here as well!