Converting presets made with omnisphere vst2 to its vst3 version

I made about 3000 vstpresets with omnisphere vst2.
Now I want to convert those presets to be be able to use them in omnisphere vst3.
Is it possible? they have different plugin ID and I can’t find any solution.
maybe editing the .vstprest files with text editor or something?

Theoretically it should be possible… I tried that, looking through the VST SDK to find out how those files are written, thought I replaced the ID correctly, didn’t work, they didn’t show up in the VST3 version. I also replaced what I identified as the “header” and “footer” from the VST3 version with a hex editor, still didn’t load (I tested with Zebra2).
I am not sure the documentation is complete there. Unless you really know how those files are written (and the VST2 and VST3 files seem to differ in format), there is no chance. If I knew, I could probably write a program to convert the files.

Lesson: never ever rely on vstpresets in Cubase. Always use the plugin’s own preset management.
If I remember to do it, I try to save each VSTi’s preset as a separate file in the project folder, if possible.

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Hi, I don’t know whether it is still relevant to you, but I wrote a program that can do that.
If you are on Windows and can operate a command line tool, have a look here:

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