Converting projects from C5 to C6

My experience (1.5 weeks) with C6 has been all positive so far. However, it appears to me that projects that I started in C5 then converted to C6 are performing a little worse than do projects that were started fresh in C6. The issue is more noticeable for projects started in C4, converted to C5, then finally to C6. This brings me to the following questions?

Is anyone else experiencing this or am I just imagining it?

If it is real, what cause the performance hit?

Is there an easy fix?

Thanks for your help.

What do you mean by performing worse?

And can you do a test? - Create a project first in C5 and then in C6, and compare?

What I means is that the projects first created in C5 and then converted to C6 seem to use more resources and load slower than do projects that started in C6 fresh.

And, I did perform a test. I had a song I had just started in C5, only about 1/4 done. I then created a new project template from scratch and created a new C6 project. I exported the midi tracks from C5 and imported them into C6 assigning them to the same VSTs and effects. It appears from the meter on the transport bar that I am using slightly more resources in the C5-converted-to-C6 version than the C6-from-scratch version. Both projects are identical.

Also, the C5-converted-to-C6 version takes longer to load than the C6 from scratch version.

I took great pains to be sure the projects were identical. However, with software as feature rich and complex as cubase, I could have overlooked something.

Aloha Blerg,

I did two new songs in C6 and then did the same two songs in C5.
No difference here.

Since then I have opened over sixty songs done in C5-C4 and as far back as SX3.
I even have two songs from the VST days (updated with each version of Cubase)

Evereything sounds fine here. The sounds are the same to my ears.


Thanks for the reply Curteye.

Like you, I do not hear a sonic difference. I just think I am detecting a performance hit.

The only reason I’m even asking about this is that the music I have written and recorded is very important to me. I would reconstruct each song wave by wave in a fresh C6 project if I thought that would preserve my work longer.

Maybe I should just be glad there are no sonic issues and leave well enough alone.

Save as Archive and re-import, or start afresh.

I’ve run a number of projects started in C4 and moved to C6. I haven’t noticed any higher CPU at any time. Projects I’ve started in C6 act predictably too.

I have to whisper all this as I will get branded ‘Luddite’ but I’m on… Shhh. XP (sorry!)


Luddite :mrgreen:

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