Converting sample rates

My system defaults to 48-24, I am trying to convert a 44.1 to 48, can it be done, and sometimes when I load this project at 44.1 I get no sound, only when I load a 48kh project first, and then reload the 44.1 then it works, what is the solution

What soundcard are you using?

Cubase will bring up a dialog window asking if you wish to convert any audio you import in to cubase to the project sample rate.

48KHz is a good sample rate to work at if you’re writing for media. 44.1 KHz was the standard for CD’s. 24bit is fine, 16bit isn’t a good idea.

I already have a song in Cubase, but it’s 44.1, don’t need to import anything, I created this song in Cubase 6.5, now when I load it in 8.5, the sound is gone the tracks play, but no sound, only when I load a song with 48KHz - 24, then reload the song, I get the sound back.

Had this problem before so I converted all tracks to the desire rate in Wavelab then imported in Cubase. Tadam ! Worked for me. Hope it helps

In Project/project setup the sample rate will be highlighted in yellowish orange color if there is a mismatch between the hardware/driver sample rate and the song. If you then set it to 48, it will ask if you want to convert the files.

Don’t know why loading the working 48khz song makes your 44.1 song play, but I’m guessing it will play back at a faster and higher pitch than normal.