Converting synth arpeggio's to MIDI notes

Hi :slight_smile:, I’m creating arpeggios on my hardware synthesizer, I can record it into an audio track as is, but I would like to know if I can perhaps record into MIDI notes? Or convert it to MIDI notes? or is this something that only melodyne can do?

I already know that it would have to be monophonic, thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

Not sure if you are only running audio in or have a midi in as well, so I can only think of one way at the moment
Take you audio (monophonic) file and dbl click to go into edit.
Select variaudio and then pitch & warp - this will show you your notation
Select “extract midi”, then destination = new midi track
Should be pretty close.
The manual has loads of info on this (that isn’t meant as a criticism by the way)

Neil B

Ahh ok thanks, just what I needed, never knew this quick trick :smiley:, (by the way I was using MIDI with my hard synth, it’s how I usually record my riffs into audio).

If your synth has ‘midi out’, just record that.

Yes it does, thanks.

I went down the vari audio route because you mentioned arpeggios.
A hardware synth that plays arpeggios automatically will probably only record the chord you play in midi - it won’t generate the arpeggiated notes for you into Cubase.
Glad to be of help
Neil B