Converting tied eighth notes to dotted half notes

Dorico for iPad- How to force duration? From the documentation it looks like I should go into Notes and select Forced Duration. But where is Notes? See my attached sample of tied eighth notes.

You’ll need to use separate voices, because notes of different duration can’t share a stem.

You can move a selected note to a new voice with Edit > Notations > Voices > Change Voice > … or just type Shift-V. Once you have a second voice in the staff, you can move selected notes between voices with just V (no Shift).

The good thing is that when you select and move one of these many-tied notes, Dorico rewrites it as the normal note value, so you don’t have to worry about the ties, only the voices.

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Sorry for being so slow on the uptake but where is Edit? When you say separate voices do you mean I can’t have both notes that share a stem be piano? And I keep seeing references to Shift - how do I Shift on iPad? Thanks!

On iPad, there is no Edit menu, but instead those options can be found in the menu on the secondary toolbar, immediately above the music display.

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I’m not seeing the “menu on the toolbar immediately above the music display” ?

It’s the button with three dots at top right of the screen.
If you have notes selected in the music, there’s a “Voices” option in the menu. (You have to scroll down to find it.)

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I selected …. Then I selected “Edit Duration.” But I don’t see anything about forcing dotted half notes in this screenshot example.

Oh wait…. I think I’ve got it…


That’s it!

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