Converting to mp3 in Wavelab LE 8?

Can this be done? I have a wav and I want to convert to mp3, but there doesnt seem to be an option to do so.

If the lame encoder is installed on your system, this should be possible.

looks like I posted this in the wrong forum section as its covered here.

Apparently you can buy the mp3 encoder addon for £12, but it doesnt work with LE 8? :laughing:

What kind of software is this? Even the most basic freeware can save as mp3 and here we have a Steinberg product that cant.

Hopefully a fix will be issued.

You already have the fix - install the free Lame encoder on your system.

No I dont. That is for Elements 7. I have LE8

Steinberg have this mornnig confirmed to me that LE8 doesnt support ‘export to mp3’ and that I should buy Elements 8 for £77 and then the mp3 addon for £11. It’s the kind of con you’d expect from Apple.

Im already using cubase 8 as my DAW and can export to mp3 from there. But I much prefer the ability to view the waveform in wavelab (peaks etc) and then convert to mp3 that way.

It seems a lot of messing about for something that must be a relatively simple feature to addon.

I haave Elements 8 and I can’t find the MP3 add-on anywhere. This should be a standard feature of Wavelab, however if I need to download something extra, at least make it easy to find!!! Please post a link… 2 hours lost looking and giving up on the web-pages now. Please support…

Ahhh… found it on the link above. Seriously, this should be easier though.

Thank you Red D