Converting VSTi MIDI TO VSTIi Audio.

I am new to cubase, Just wanted to know if there is a quick way to convert VSTi MIDI tracks to separate (not Mix into one) Audio Tracks?
I have 16 Tracks that are all midi, going to different softsynths, I want to convert them into Audio…
basically I want 16 Audio Tracks. I share my projects with others, and they want audio tracks.

P.S. Why can’t I use VSTi Audio Output as Audio Track Input?

In the Export Audio Mixdown window (File/Export/Audio Mixdown…), check the “Channel Batch Export” option found on the top left corner of the window and then simply click the applicable option below it. If you put a check mark next to “Instrument Tracks” all of these will be selected, etc. Choose the appropriate settings for name, location, file format, etc and then click Export.


You can achieve the same thing (which is bouncing the MIDI tracks into Audio and have it all inside the project) by putting a check mark on the “Audio Track” option found under the “Import into Project” portion of the Export Audio Mixdown window. Just make sure that “Create new Project” is not selected, unless that’s what you want, of course.

Take care!

I have Cubase Elements and I do not see the options you are talking about…

Ah ha! Then that explains why you can’t do these things. Question: Are the letters I see in your screencap Busses? If so, I guess what you could do is temporarily route each synth’s output into each one of those Busses and then select these in the Export window. Not as flexible, but it should achieve the same results.

Yes, 8 Stereo busses+ Main bus, I can only select one at a time (so mix down is truly a mix down in the Elements 6)…. (synth busses are not showing up here, that’s a full version thing I guess) The only way I can do this, is by routing each synth to aux busses A to H and record them on separate track, repeat that for the rest GOD! What a PITA! this is all realtime recoring, Man that is one feature that should be common across all version… oh well…

Thanks for looking into this for me…

Yeah, that is a PITA. The full version of Cubase 6 allows you to export/bounce all Tracks and/or all Busses at once, creating an audio file for each one of them of course. But unfortunately the batch export option is only found in the full version, not the others. Perhaps a reason to upgrade? :wink:

Just a sec, you can freeze instrument tracks … hummm but when I do that, I do not see wave forms, but each VSTi’s audio output is in a folder called Freeze… why are they linked and not visualized within the project… that’s odd.

Upgrade is another $300, money that can be spent buying new software musical instrument :slight_smile:

Yeap, it’s the same here. Just the way it currently works in Cubase I guess.

I wonder if I can use the wave files as audio tracks.

what the…, that’s it! you can… it adds that back to audio pool of the project …
That’s it that’s even faster ha!

WOW this works, Synths unfrozen 16 Audio tracks added back to audio pool freeze folder empty!! hell yeah!

But, you may need to beware of the freeze wav files. I was under the impression that they’re not simply linear wav files, i.e. if there’s gaps between two VSTi sections then I think Cubase doesn’t store the gap section. This I thought was for disk space efficiency. If true then you may end up with some funny wavs depending on what’s happening in your song. On the other hand, perhaps the pool import understands this? Keep us posted please!


I just learned that! damn! you are right, this is not linear audio :frowning:
I guess I would have to upgrade someday soon :frowning:

Seems like you work with MIDI a lot, so you will definitely find upgrading more useful than you think (and not just for exporting wave files). There are a lot of missing features in Elements that are only found in the full version of Cubase. It’ll be worth it!