Converting Windows file to Mac

I’m still having trouble trying to convert a project done on Cubase Windows to Mac. As I said in a previous post, I can play, but can’t record new audio tracks. The files are read only NTFS. I tried to uncheck read only, tried to unzip. Nothing worked. I only have one project to complete that was recorded on Windows. Going forward, all projects will be recorded on MAC. Here’s what I’m thinking. I was going to create more space on my windows partition, install Cubase Windows version and finish my project. When complete decrease the hard drive space and remove Cubase and record all future projects on the Mac. If there’s a simpler solution, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Are your files on an external HD? If so, it will be read only on a Mac if it is NTFS as Mac won’t write to that format. Save your files to another drive, reformat the NTFS drive (Mac format), and then move the files back on to it. You could also buy another drive that is already a Mac formatted drive.

Even if you do manage to buy a Mac formatted drive, I recommend that you erase (format) it with Disc Utility, the first thing you do. The reason being that the manufacturers usually place junk on the drives, that has been known to cause severe problems on several occasions.