Convince me to buy the UR22C

I have had a couple unpleasant experiences years ago with Steinberg hardware and I’m a little hesitant about jumping back in. But, with that said I really like the idea of the USB 3.0 specification of this unit and hopefully a tighter integration with Steinberg products. I will be using it on a Windows 10 machine running cubase 5.5. The current Windows 10 machine is an older build but I plan on building a newer AMD based box in the near future.

I am not doing anything intensive in the recording world. Everything I do is 4 or 5 part acoustic work from my home.

Wish I could tell you support is good. I’ve been thinking of buying a UR44C but I cannot get general questions answered here or by Steinberg. I can’t imagine getting a difficult question answered.

I think I would have to agree with you. Not only do these boards seem quieter then before, I’m not seeing a lot of moderator action. This particular sub-forum does not seem to get much help from Steinberg. There hasn’t seem to have been any contact from a moderator in this sub-forum for almost a week. This just adds to the worries regarding purchasing yet another Steinberg product

after spending some time reading through the various threads I think I need to widen my search

In my honest opinion , your request is too broad.
If you want a Steinberg Rep to give you a personal sales pitch, with little information about your planned use of the product, I don’t think they really have time for that, other than posting a link to the product page. I also doubt a user would “convince you to buy” but I am sure plenty are willing to answer more specific questions.
There is a large amount of available information about the product on the Steinberg site and multitudes more on third party sites such as reviews, etc.
You may be more likely to get a response from someone if you look through some of the available information and, if you have any, post some specific questions.

Don’t need a sales pitch, just an answer to some questions that should have and could have been in the manual. Since they failed there, my only course of action is to ask questions.

I was replying to the OP…

Your point is well taken. Still, I believe there are others like myself who may not be on a level that other members here are. Basically, I was looking for input from others and their experiences with this product. I did read through several pages of posts regarding this and although I understand forums are usually a place to complain, I am able to give those complaints a grain of salt and search for the answers I’m looking for. Again, maybe it was the way I stated my question.

With regards to steinburg admins browsing this sub forum, I agree that there is not much they could add regarding my question. But I do see what I consider many valid questions being asked with absolutely no response or acknowledgement. That’s what troubles me.

I understand, I was just jumping in there sorry…

I did receive an answer but they didn’t really read my question…

I don’t know about the UR22 But my new UR44C on my windows 10 i7 10th gen /w/ 16GB ram works flawlessly and with real low latency. The install process is not explained very good and is scary and the manual leaves you with a lot of questions but works wise it is great. My main issue is I wish the mixer window could float so I don’t have to keep switching windows to and from my DAW when I work with it.

The benefit of 3 screens, one seperately for the DspFXmixer :slight_smile:
Great to read positive experience about the 44C.

Sure 5 screens would be a great help too but a floating window would be fine for me.

If you happen to have an ipad/phone the URC-mixerapp or Duet Display app can be a option.
Not sure they are also for Androïd

Greetings, I recently picked up a UR44C, mainly to attach to a laptop for live streaming, and as a travel interface. Really want to love it, but still on the fence if I made the right call, hope these pro’s/con’s will be helpful.

–Good value - not much else in this price range with hardware DSP.
–Sounds good - the mic pre’s and overall audio quality are at least as good and probably better than I expected.
–Easy setup on Mac…although I hear this is not always the case.
–Well built, metal, sturdy.

–Support via web or forum is slow at best; phone support better but still long waits and gave me incorrect information in one instance; in 2020 online support really should be better especially for a major company IMO.
–Licensing limitations of included software are frustrating if you are trying to use the hardware/software on more than 1 computer: Requires eLicenser USB, which is problematic if have limited USB slots…also have to remember to keep eLicenser with you.
–dspMixFx app looks/feels very amature (“cheap”?), compared to similar apps from other manufacturers.
–Regarding hardware DSP, was very disappointed that the reverb is only available on the monitor mix, not as an insert on an individual channels. My bad for not understanding this pre-purchase, but it’s a real bummer. Use case: vocal mic input 1, guitar input 2 I want to add reverb to the vocal mic input as an insert that will be recorded, and keep the guitar mic dry. This is not possible, you can only add reverb to the monitor mix that you can hear, but not as an insert as you can with EQ or the amp simulators.
–The DSP “sweet spot morphing channel strip”…I see what they’re going for, but having a stand-alone EQ plugin and a stand-alone Compressor plugin would be significantly more user-friendly for folks familiar with using those tools.

Hope this helps…Steve

I was choosing between UR22C and Focusrite Scarlett Solo gen 3. Both models cost about the same and are known as good devices, but the main advantage of UR22C is MIDI in/out. I need MIDI in/out, so I bought Steinberg and I’m quite satisfied with the buy.