Cool feature idea - mixer undo PER CHANNEL

There are times when I’d like to be able to undo something I did earlier in the mixer… but to get back that far, I have to undo MANY MANY other things. It would be AWESOME to be able to have mixer undo per-channel. This way I could easily recall things I’d done to a particular sound without wrecking the whole mix - even somewhat far down the road in a mix…


I think this would be AMAZING… A huge leap forward in terms of advanced undo functionality. It would sure make my life easier!



Yes it’s a good idea. I do tend to EQ one sound at a time most of the time so it’s not a massive workflow increase for myself but towards the end of the mix I start to tweak everything and that is the point where one particular sound might get over EQed and need to be undone at which point I rely on memory as to what I did to it so being able to undo per channel would be cool also.