Cool New Feature - color coded keyboard in Key Ed!

OK, this isn’t as complete as some folks have requested. But it is a big improvement.

I was writing a new part in the Key Editor with the Event Color set to Chord Track. While using the up and down arrows to change the pitch of a note I noticed that now the note on the keyboard changes color to indicate if the note is in the chord, scale etc. It also follows other Event Color schemes.

Thank you Steinberg for listening to your customers on this. :smiley:

The next step would be to have an option to color code the entire keyboard based on the Chord Track.

Many thanx for this tip !

This is amazing indeed and for me serves another purpose:

  • Add Chord Track in Project Window.
  • Disable “Automatic Scales” in the Chord Track Insprector.
  • Create a Scale event in the Chord Track and set it to the scale you want.
  • Open a midi part in the Key Editor and set Event Colors to “Chord Track”
  • Now input some notes.
  • Now transpose these notes; the notes become red if they are not in your chosen scale.
    the notes become light blue if they are in the chosen scale.

So handy, thanx SB !! :smiley:

Love this too!!!

Nice! Very handy. :sunglasses:

Actually that behavior has been there since the Chord Track was introduced. Additionally the notes will be dark blue if they are in the current chord but not the scale. FYI you can also change these colors if you want by using “setup…” in the Event Color menu.

Aha, didnt know that, thx !

I was going to say that was not new, it was in 7, dead useful though