Cool Sub-Kick technique video

re: sub-kick

Lots of you are probably already hip to this, but I found it really useful. It opened a door for me to using the Test Generator in all kinds of interesting ways.

Chris shows how to use the TG to add low-end punch to the kick drum.

How To:

  1. Create an a mono audio track and then add two inserts – A) the Test Generator, B) the stock Cubase Gate. Settings: Set the TG to sine wave, -12 dB out, set frequency of the TG to around 50 Hz (tune sine wave to song key or to drum, or whatever sounds best), 3) activate Side Chain on the Gate, 4) Activate Send (Pre-fade) on Kick Track to the Gate’s side-chain input Result: BOOM! Kick Drum Authority! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to Chris Selim’s video:

Here’s a screenshot of how I set this up in Cubase (Pro 9.0.40). (Kit in GA SE, Kick Drum Out routed to individual output (Instrument Track for the Kit with Kick Drum sent to one additional output for the isolated Kik Out), activate pre-fader send on Kick Track to the Sub-Bass Mono Audio Track with the Test Generator and the Gate. All tracks routed to the Drum Bus.

Don’t tell anyone I told you about this, it should be kept secret. :wink: