Coordinating with Nuendo as well as Cubase

So I made the leap from Logic to Cubase, but am finding unfortunate limitations that might make me upgrade to Nuendo, such as that Cubase supports maximum 5.1 channel surround. Otherwise I’m finding that Dorico plays nicely with Cubase, I use virtual MIDI ports with Cubase as the VST host, and will eventually ‘print’ the MIDI when finished, for final mixing and stemming. And later will enjoy the Dorico->Cubase ‘integration’ when it’s released.

Does Nuendo support these features? And while I understand the team not being willing to comment on the unreleased Dorico->Cubase integration feature (whatever that will mean), it would be helpful if it’s expected that it will also support Nuendo.

I’m afraid I don’t know in detail about Nuendo’s feature set, but I would hope you’d find the information you need here.

As for integrating with Nuendo as well as Cubase, yes, you can expect that whatever we do to bring Dorico closer to Cubase will also apply to Nuendo, although it may come at different times, given that Cubase and Nuendo have different roadmaps and release schedules.