Copenglview example? I have a use for it!

I’m trying to build a cross-platform VST with a GL context to render fragment shaders.
Since Apples deprecation of their OpenGL implementation the existing copenglview that has been implemented for Windows, Mac and iOS is now no longer recommended, having been replaced by nothing.
I’d like to build a cangleview with cross-platform compatibility for windows, mac and linux.
But for this, I’d like to have a working copenglview example so I know how the interfeace to copenglview is supposed to be used.
If anyone has something like that laying around on their drives, please send it to me.
I can’t imagine Steinberg creating the copenglview without at least a triangle to test.
If that isn’t possible, please guide me how to use copenglview to render the triangle.

I already posted one in your other thread: VSTGUI4 and pure opengl editor - #10 by Arne_Scheffler

sorry I somehow missed that, no email, no notification on forum, usually both work fine
thank you very much!