Copy a instrument track with controller data

In the projectwindow i tried to drag and drop a instrument track to another instrument track.
In the source track i chanced for some midi controller values : modulation, expression, and velocity in the keyeditor.

How to drag and drop with mouse this source track to a new instrument track on a way that controllerdata is preserved ( keep the same)?

Note: i did drag and drop , but lost the velocity value ?
Perhaps it has to to do with the connected midi controller keyboard.


Most probably, you have multiple MIDI Parts at the place. One is holding MIDI Notes, another is holding MIDI CCs. I would recommend to glue all parts to one, before you drag and drop it.

Or you can right-click to the track in the track list and Duplicate Track.


I started with one instrumenttrack and record some midi notes and adjust the 3 MIDI CCs for this track ( midi notes and midi CC’s are together).
The idea is to use a second instrumentstrack with the same 3 MIDI CCs as the first track

In the video example : i see drag and drop doing this ( how to do this in Cubase with a key ? : there is no sign (feedback) to see what operation i am doing in Cubase ?


Could you attach some screenshots, please?

How do i get a copy of a instrumenttrack ?

  • by duplicating
  • by drag and drop midicontainer to new instrumenttrack : how to do this with mouse ? ( that’s de earlier question in fact )

Hopefully its clear without picture

Well, it seem s to be Alt+ mouse for duplicating and for a shared duplicate extra with Shift

I tried to explain again with out pic , maybe it now clear ?
Think i found the answer


Could you share it, please?


Did not know what midi content falls under duplicate a track with content in Cubase ( what content can be duplicated ?)
Well, it seems to be Alt+ mouse for duplicating and for a shared duplicate extra with Shift


Yes. Alt modifier makes a copy of the selected and dragged object. Alt+Shift makes Shared copy of the Part/Event in the Project window.