copy and paste audio not well positioned !

Can you confirm
When I record audio then select and copy it, when I paste it : no at all at the postition of the vertical position
How to reproduce:

1.create an audio track
2.go to the left locator
2.start play [enter]
3.prees * to record
4.stop with “spacebar” when you want ( inside a bar) the audio is selected
5.Ctrl+C then ctrl+V (i.e copy and paste)
Result the audio is not paste at the good position
move the cursor and try again paste

Do the same with a midi track : ok
best regards

Are you starting the recording on a downbeat with the Grid? If not, it is likely that your snap point is not at the start of the event. Adjusting the snap point is discussed on page 334 of the Operation Manual. I hope this information helps.

Ok thanks for the reply now I see the problem and the solution:
the event is paste but align to the “S” !
I didn’t remenber that the snap position was different depending on the way of recording: For exemple record from 5.3.0 to 6.3.0

  • with auto punch in and out the snap point is at 5.3.00
  • with hand using " * " and “spacebar” the snap point is at 6.0.00

Best regards

That’s an excellent point about the differences on record/punch snap points. :slight_smile: