Copy and paste cursor position time

Hello, Why is it not possible to paste cursor position time into the Cursor Position window at the bottom of WL? I can copy the times from this window into a spreadsheet but I cannot copy them back into the window (in the exact same format they were copied out from WL)?

Be really handy if we could paste the back in without having to type them in. Ive 300 positions to get through today and would be faster to paste than to type every one.

Did you try right clicking? Or do you mean something else?

tried both ways doesnt work. only pastes the last thing copied out of this window. Try pasting these into a 1min file. They dont paste.

0 h 0 mn 3 s 832 ms
0 h 0 mn 21 s 156 ms

This is indeed for “internal” copy and paste. The paste function does not parse text in the clipboard, sorry.

Any chance we can do this in future, or have a notepad in wavelab that we can paste into from exteral places like a spreadsheet?

Yes, I note this. Should not be too complicated to add, and this makes sense too.

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