copy and paste do not work properly

Dear users and developers,

copy and pasted in Dorico do not work while copy and paste in other applications work…

Please watch the following videos:

This does not happen always. The only resolution seems to relaunch Dorico 3.

prko, I can not exactly identify what is going on in your video but,
when you select, you might not have selected all voices, thus giving you a strange looking result when pasting.

I have realised that the paste of the same selection does not work after relaunching Dorico 3.
However, “reduce” works…

Why does only “reduce” work? I think it is somewhat strange…

I believe all copied voices in a single staff must be included by paste… Am I wrong?

Can you provide the project and steps to reproduce the problem? No doubt there is something going wrong here, but without steps to reproduce the problem we cannot investigate.