Copy and Paste "FX Channel preset" from the box menu

Presently, In both the inspector and the mixer on the inserts “Select Preset” menu dropdown, I only see
Load FX Chain Prest…
Save FX Chain Preset…
From Track Preset…

Please add
Copy FX Chain…
Paste FX Chain…

Thank you


I would also like to be able to do this across channel types. IOW: It seems like you can’t copy a chain from an audio channel to a group channel or an FX channel. It seems like these should be inter-changeable.



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However, my saved FX chain presets are not even loading. I cannot re-load or load it in differents tracks.

A massisve bug is going on with Fx Chain presets…

Please add copy and paste.


Thank you for the right click copy and clear option. Maybe they were there the whole time? Strange that the little box for presets is different.
But thank you anyway for making it awesome.