Copy and Paste Graphic Frames

I am having trouble with what is probably a very simple feature where I just cant seem to figure out the shortcut. I cannot seem to move, or copy and paste, graphic frames. In the screenshot below the “1” in a triangle and “S” are two signifying things I would need to repeat at other places in the score, but I do not want to have to recreate them by hand each time, simply copy and paste them. Is this possible?

ALSO - I cannot seem to move them about the score by hand? Instead I have to resize the box to get the graphic to move. There must be a way to simply turn on the ability to drag them where I want them? Thank you and sorry for the basic question!

Hi Aaron!
I am not sure it’s a good idea to use a graphic frame (I’m pretty sure it’s a very bad idea, in fact)
You can create a playing technique with those glyphs and use them wherever you need. They’ll be anchored to the music instead of coordinates on the page, which seems to make more sense here.
Graphic frames should be left for logos or things like that that do not relate to the musical content. My 2c!

You should be able to move graphics frames around like any other frame - see here just to check you’re using those steps. Basically, as long as Frames is selected in the left toolbox, you can drag whole frames or use the standard moving key commands. If a handle is selected though, the key commands will move just that handle; press Tab to switch to having the whole frame selected.

Does this procedure for copying frames work in your project? They’re not like other objects; Ctrl/Cmd-C and -V won’t work on them.

I would also echo Marc’s advice and recommend trying to keep anything you want to stay in-time with the music (i.e. that’s part of the piece) in the music itself. Frames are locked to the page - if the music adjusts, changes width, bumps to the next page etc, the frame won’t follow.

Fantastic. I figured there would be a solution like this. Is it easy to import my own Glyphs as playing techniques? (Can you point me to an article or step-by-step?) thank you!

For creating custom playing techniques, see here or this video -

awesome. thanks so much. totally solved and working in my score now :slight_smile:

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Hi @MarcLarcher - thanks again for this help. Which I’m using on my third score now. So now I have a new question! I have similar symbols that I want to use each time (e.g. triggering samples, I use the same triangle symbol across all scores). This is not so terrible, but right now I have to recreate all symbols in the score all the time. Is there a way to add the symbols to the main database so that they load every time - e.g. when I start a new score they will already be there?

Yes. When you create a new playing technique you know you’re going to need in other new documents, click on the star (so that it appears “filled”), it will be saved as default, and available to any new document.

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