Copy and paste into Note pad ?

I don’t know if i’m being thick or not but i’ve been trying to copy my tempo delay times in to the Note tab in the inspector but nothing comes up when you right click on the mouse . Never bothered using the function before so i don’t know if it’s meant to work like that .



What do you mean by “tempo delay times”, please?

Hi Martin i have a computer notepad full of my delay times for FX’s in cubase that i would like to copy and pastes in to the master buss note tab so they are with the project instead of running loose round the studio

Aloha guys,

There are two note pads.

1-Track notepad (one on each track).
2-Project note pad (one ‘overall’ pad).

Track pad:
Use the ‘Set-up Inspector’ icon to make sure that ‘Note Pad’ is
in the Inspector list.

Then toggle the left most arrow to the down position
to open the note pad.

Start typing right into the pad.



Have tried to Paste to the Track’s/Channel’s notepad in both Project window and MixConsole. I pasted to the Stereo Out Track/Channel. Both of them worked for me here.

As curteye suggested, I would use the Project Notepad for this kind of notes, which you can find under the Project menu. I have tried to paste to this Notepad too and it also works here on my side.

this is normal and how it always was…

you need to click into the note part first…

Very strange , it’s not letting me ríght click on the mouse to paste from my note book . It’s too much to type out

You need to CTRL + V :wink:


Ohhhhhh, worked a charm ,thank you very much kind sir , you have just saved me tons of work , much appreciated :wink:

So just to clarify:

Mouse right click, then choose copy, then attempt to paste by using mouse+right click past doesn’t work?

But if you copy using CTRL+C then CTRL+V its working?

Basically yes Gregg , this is how much i use Microsoft shortcuts :laughing: Been with Steinberg 30 years ,no other programs so using this con-C/V function is one have not been needed lol Ive only ever used right click to copy and paste and it’s not working for the Note pad in Cubase 11

Yes, I don’t think the mouse right-click functions have ever worked in Cubase. I too, didn’t use the Microsoft key functions until I picked up a Chrome book and was therefore forced to learn them.