Copy and Paste Marker HELP_

I may be completely missing something, but is it possible to copy and paste markers? Other than holding ALT and dragging, I cannot copy and paste markers.

Specifically, what is not working is I make a marker, set a cursor position, do Ctrl-X(I tried clicking copy/cut from the edit dialog as well as Ctrl-C). Then I do Ctrl-V and nothing happens. I tried edit paste and edit - functions - paste at cursor, and still nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Yes. Markers can be copied/cut (with the keyboard shortcuts you mentioned). On my Mac computer, I use different keyboard shortcuts (equivalent ones), and markers are indeed copied/cut (when I execute the “paste” command). I wonder why you can’t do it. Normally, I would say it’s because you’re a Windows user, but I’m afraid to do it again because I might get kicked out of the forum :crazy_face:.

Here’s something to check. Copying and pasting something else works? For example, is it possible to copy and paste a MIDI or Audio event?