Copy and Paste Midi to multiple tracks at once

I want to copy a midi performance from one track, and then paste it to several other tracks at once (not individually).

Is this possible in Cubase? I have tried all the copy and paste commands in the menu’s, searched the entire manual for the word paste and these forums. I didn’t see an answer for this anyway (hoping I missed it)!



I didn’t feel like doing any writing/recording, so I played around with this. Nope, can’t find a way to do it & didn’t expect to.
If you think about it, in any windows environment, copy & paste is a single action. You wouldn’t copy a paragraph of text from one document and expect to paste it in 7 other documents all at once. You would need to go to each of them in turn & paste.
Now, if there was a “populate” command :slight_smile:
Neil B

However I am talking about the “same document”. So in Excel, I sure would expect to copy one cell or row of information and expect to be able to past it across all cells and all rows (and I can perfectly do that) :slight_smile:.

It’s certainly not out of the question to be able to paste a performance from one instrument to many others that will layer or do the same part. For instance in my case, when I am in a rush, I don’t have time to play each “Dimension String Player” one by one. It’s easier edit the first performance, delete all the other ones, and then paste that fixed performance to the rest of the entire section. It’s not life or death doing it one by one, it’s just a large convenience factor/speed for workflow I would love to see added (I put in a feature request).

Edit - And I always return after playing to do KeySwitch input etc., which is why I would want to only have to spend the time editing and doing KS input data on one track, and then simply paste to everyone else. So simply hitting record on all tracks at the same time might record my performance for all, but it doesn’t help with speed of editing and adding KS’s after the fact.

Thanks for trying to help though :slight_smile:


Something I just found was that it will paste exactly how many you copy. So, if I copy one midi track performance and paste it, I get 1 copy. Well, now I tried highlighting both and copy/paste and I got 2 tracks in a row. I then copied all 4 and pasted and got 4 tracks in a row.

So this is a silly little work around but at least if I have 10+ tracks to copy paste to/from, I can exponentially keepy incrementing my paste sizes :slight_smile:. Still is a waste of time :mrgreen:


This seems like an impossible key command but I just found that if you highlight a midi performance, press Shift + CTRL + ALT and hold down at the same time, then it allows you to drag and copy that performance to any other track/location.

I highlighted 4 tracks, did that key combination and it allowed me to drag down 4 more below it. That one’s pretty tough on the fingers though lol and using a mouse. I tried finding that key command and I don’t even see one for that combination or I would modify it to one I want.

If anyone finds where that key command is I would appreciate it as I might be able to make my own from it to speed up my copy pasting.


Have considered adding new tracks for all the additional tracks you want all at once - which you can do by setting the number of tracks to add to something other than 1. Then just alt-drag the part(s) onto the new tracks.

Also your Excel example is more the exception than the rule when it come to copy and paste.