Copy and paste not working - issue


Occasionally I am having an issue where copy and paste doesn’t work. When I press copy the edit menu flashes like it has done the command, but then when I press paste nothing appears in the selected bar. I then have to input the notes manually again.

Has anyone come across this and have any ideas why it could be happening?

Thanks in advance

Copy appears greyed out when I click on certain notes… Hmmmmmmm.

copy and paste only works, when you are in Write Mode.
If you are in Engrave Mode, copy and paste is not possible.

Thanks KB and I’m aware of that. This issue is happening in write mode. The weird thing is that it will happen on one instrument but not another. Eg. - I can copy nad paste of the trumpet 1 parts but not trumpet 2.



Maybe try deleting a reentering the music? (To see if that solves the problem)

Does this behaviour occur in just one project? If so, can you attach?