Copy and paste notes with pitch bend data


Is there a handy way to copy and paste notes with pitch bend data at once on Write mode or Play mode?
It seems that I must paste pitch bend data separately… Oh no… please…

The question might be related to the following:

In Finale, the user can create shapes for portamento and can attach one of those shapes to any notes by using the ‘expression tool’.
I could not find a similar method in Dorico. Do I not aware of something essential?


Dorico does not paste if there is no drawn point at the caret.
I must always select shortly after the caret after drawing some points to correctly paste the MIDI CC.
Is it correct?
I feel something is here wrong and would be comfortable if I could paste the MIDI CC at the caret position without creating any points.

No, you cannot currently copy both notes and associated MIDI data simultaneously in Write or Play mode.

No, this is not what I would expect. You should find that the data you copy to the clipboard pastes at the position of the playback line. If you do not find this to be the case, please provide an example project so we can try to reproduce the problem. I will also merge this topic with your almost identical one about copying and pasting MIDI data that you opened at almost the same time: please consider sticking to a single thread for a single enquiry to avoid cluttering up the forum with many identical or nearly-identical threads. You can rest assured that I and other members of the Dorico team read them all, so please don’t unnecessarily increase our workload. Thank you!

Dear Daniel,

I am attaching a video and a Dorico project: Dropbox - Dorico MIDI data paste - Simplify your life
You can see the problem from 4’41’', but it might be helpful to watch the complete video.

I am very sorry to post similar contents.
It was not intended to post many threads. I discovered more thing after writing the first and second posts and had to rewrite.

Moreover, it would be really great if Dorico provides the feature to copy all event and paste all event.
for example:

  • copying notes with all associated MIDI data by pressing cmd+alt+ C in Write mode as well as Play mode
  • pasting notes with all associated MIDI data by pressing cmd+alt+ V in Write mode as well as Play mode

With my sincere apology and thanks!

I believe the problem is as simple as that you need to make a selection in the piano roll editor for the instrument into whose automation lane you want to paste. This is perhaps not very obvious, and I’m sorry for that, but if you select a note in the piano roll for the second violin and then paste, you’ll find it works as expected.

I tried it, but it does not.
Pasting pitch bend works only as follows:

  1. selecting a pane
  2. changing the view of pane into pitch bend,
  3. place the caret at the correct position
  4. selecting some points. If there are no points, I must draw some points.
  5. pasting

I am very sorry if I misunderstood your answer.

I find it works much as Daniel says, though it’s indeed not very obvious.

  1. Select the automation points to be copied (I’ve used CC1 here as I actually wanted to do this in a project)
  2. move to the insert point for pasting the data. Draw a single point at exactly the same place as the first copy point was (assuming that the music has also been copied) and move the playback cursor to exactly that point as in the paste point.png. Then paste. You can see that it does work from result.png

But isn’t that what you’ve been doing anyway?

Incidentally, as far as I can see, you can still only do one part at a time?