Copy and Paste of Tuplets

Hi, Since the last updates I am facing an annoying problem of a simple copy and past from measure to measure. If I copy a measure containing Tuplets sometimes it copy fine in the targeted measures but somethings there is no way. Even correcting the pasted material leads to odd 6 quarter notes in a 4/4 bar. Please help

Hi Simon,
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If you are copying and pasting whole bars, you can use the System Track. Select the bar, make a tick at the right of it and then copy/paste. This copies everything of that bar - throughout all systems:

You can also go the conventional way and select something in the bar, and then copy and paste. If tuplets/triplets are involved, make sure you also select the tuplet signpost. If you can’t see the signpost, make them visible (View Menu).
Hope this helps.

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Anyone know the logic (which will hopefully be convincing :slight_smile: ) as to why Dorico doesn’t include the tuplet when selecting notes. This drives me nuts that I have click both the actual notes and the tuplet (the “3”, “5”, etc. above the notes) separately when copying (and ultimately pasting) to another location.

For what I understand the Tuplet is a container that contains the (sum of the) values of the notes. So you can select (and edit) only the notes, or only the container, or both :-): very flexible!

And looking at the manual seems that my thought was not all so wrong :nerd_face::

Thanks for your response Christian. It sounds like what you’re saying is that what I want to do isn’t possible; and that’s by Dorico’s design. Do I have this correct?

Wish there was an option that when you click on the beam of a tuplet, that actual tuplet is selected too. Seems logical to me.

You don’t have “the beam of a tuplet”. You have the “beam of the notes contained in the tuplet”. Tuplets can contain different rhythm, also without beam.

For such cases as I imagine you are referring to (where all the notes contained in a tuplet are beamed together),

you can make a feature request (creating a new thread and tagging it as feature request). Maybe it could be an extra option that can be switched on or off in preferences that says: select also the tuplet value if the selected contained notes are beamed together or something like that.
The actual behaviour is in my opinion very flexible, but I understand that one can want that extra option. If you search the forum you will see that similar functions was already been requested, for example here:

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We have certainly discussed the idea of always including the tuplet itself if you select any of the notes within it for copying and pasting. It’s been something of a controversial one, because the rule has always been, “if you can’t see it, you can’t select it”, but we recognise that in the case of tuplets, the consequences of sticking to this rule can be surprising and unhelpful. And, in fact, Dorico already breaks this rule when you select notes in a tuplet in the Key Editor: it will always select the tuplet item itself in those circumstances.

So we consider this an open issue and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an option added for this in the future.