Copy and paste parts of audio track

Hi everyone,

I imported a wave file to one audio track (Track 1). It is 30 minutes long and contains seven songs. I want to split the seven songs into seven separate audio tracks. I created seven new audio tracks, and then copied and pasted the first song in Track 1 into the first new audio track (Track 2). It is 2:30 in length, but when I double-click Track 2, I see all 30 minutes of Track 1!!

Why can’t I just copy and paste a segment from Track 1 to Track 2, and then do the same thing for the rest?? I need to isolate these songs. That is a standard Windows GUI function that doesn’t work the same in Cubase!!??


You need to render or bounce each song after you cut it or copy just a section of it.

Until you do that, all your copies reference the same 30 min long original file.

Just to expand on misohoza’s reply a bit. The object you dealing with on the Audio Tracks is not an Audio File. Rather it is an Audio Clip which is like a window into an underlying Audio File. A single Audio File can have many different Clips associated with it. You might want to take a look at the section on Audio Handling in the OPs manual (pg. 167 for V8) to get a better idea of how this works.

That said for a lot of tasks (but not everything) it really doesn’t matter that you are using different clips of the same file instead of having the audio broken down into multiple files. But this depends on what you are actually trying to do with the audio.

Okay, many thanks guys. That explains things. I guess we all get so accustomed to thinking like Bill Gates. Even then, a lot of his software is garbage…but that’s discussed in another forum :smiley: .