Copy anticipated note only from beat one

Hello friends,
If a note is anticipated (tied) over to beat one: is there a way to copy the phrase only from beat one and son (and not from the anticipation)?
Thank you.

Hi. I don’t think it’s possible, not without cutting the tie (u). If you use the system track to select the phrase (you can make a granular selection pressing alt), you should see that the tied note will not be included in that selection. The same goes with marquee selection.
It’s a tradeoff for all the benefits we have with Dorico seeing tied notes as one note. Hopefully, you should find that using the scissors (u) to cut the tie where needed and tie back after that is not too complicated.

Thank you, Marc!
I was not aware of the (u) command and that makes it easier already. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Note that you can use the u command anywhere you put the caret. Very important feature.