Copy audio file name to track

Usually when I am setting up a mix, I have a template already built with grouping and VCAs etc.
Then I import the audio and drag the correct files to the correct tracks.
Unfortunately, now I have to copy the name of the file to the name of the track.
It would be great to have a function to do this automatically.



yeah even with shift+enter you’d think it would rename the track but that’s only for non imported tracks I think?

+1 This would save me time!

Just use import audio file from the menu without any tracks selected. Then new audio tracks will be created for each file that are named the same as the files.

Unfortunately this is not what I really need as I have tracks already set up with VCAs routing plus all the various inserts etc.

wow instant mixing… tastes like instant coffee

Or a template that matches the workflow that you’ve developed over a long time.
Or a template that has generic remotes mapped to it, which get destroyed if you add / remove tracks.
Don’t judge because of the process, judge the product.

Why should I judge the product? That’s not the changeable part… workflow can adapt to the need…

I change mine in accordance to what is needed and what I learned in the past…

In an early stage of the world you had to learn how to drive a car,
now you need the manufacturer to adapt the car to your driving skills? Really?

By “product” I mean the musical output of the person.

oh, understand…